Can BDSM Reinforce A Couple’s Sexual Bond?

For a couple that’s ready to move from mainstream foreplay to downright kinky, BDSM might just be the best way to go. BDSM is a practice that involves Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission and Sadomasochism. The man typically exercises control over the woman through rope bondage, role-play, impact play (bodily force) or giving orders. For the majority of partners, BDSM helps them feel more intimate and helps bring more sense into a relationship. That’s why even couples in marriage are largely embracing the practice.

How Pleasure Is Attained

While some people might find the act of flogging a person or bossing them around unromantic, the practice is highly erotic for those who know how to do it well. It largely involves sexual tension and is psychologically charged activity. Satisfaction is attained when the submissive partner agrees to submit the dominant one. Or it can be in form of one person agreeing to receive some sort of sensation like spanking from the dominant partner. Some couple loves to constantly play their submissive or dominant roles all the time while others switch to experience the exchange of power.

Is There A Right Age?

BDSM is typically for anyone in a relationship who shares compatible interests with the partner. Hence age doesn’t matter when it comes to enjoying BDSM oriented fantasies. Whether you’re 18 years old and dating or a 55 married couple, you can practice BDSM as you wish. So long as you can explore the dominant and submissive roles consensually, there is a lot of fun a couple can enjoy.

What a Couple Needs To Get Started.

In order to make BDSM more enjoyable, it is better to do it with a person you’ve been in a relationship for long because you understand their emotions and limits. Once you have that clear, you can go ahead to discuss the BDSM materials and forms to explore. There are plenty of BDSM materials that you can purchase and stock them on your wardrobe or bedroom for unlimited pleasure. You can discuss with your partner on whether to practice role play always in your sex life or do it on scheduled days.

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